Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Farid Badarul the Photographer

Halluu darlinkkss..first time post blog dr opis...
auuwwww excited sbb opis i superb laju internet server nye 
so x yah dh trhegeh2 tunggu gmbo running utk d upload
So ari ni i nk citer about farid badarul..bkn citer psl personal yaa but actually nk share
the other side of farid badarul on his talent
Ape yg mmbuatkn i nk share is because, i just saw his picture in one of the famous blogger in malaysia
sapekh die??tadaaaaaa
jejariruncing a.k.a gf kpd no1 keeper m'sia Khairul fahmi
Shock bile tgk gmbr bf sendiri d dlm blog cik elia
Actually bkn nye ape, die just nk say congrats to her cousin yg dh sethn brkawin on the valentine day yg d shoot oleh en bf sy ;)

So at the same time ley laa i promote2 gmbr bf i yg superb chantek
Kpd sesiapa bakal2 pengantin yg masih lg mencari photographer, buley laa carik bf i di sini :

+6012 - 9118820

Harge yg d tawarkn oleh en bf i sgt laa brpatutan dgn kualiti gmbr yg d hasilkn

so jum layan piccy2 yg d tgkp oleh en farid badarul ;)

Pre wedding
Class photoshoot


his patient
girlsdix pun muley ;)

Pre wed lg ;)

reunion photoshoot

pregnancy photoshoot

engagement photoshoot


wedding :)

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